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The HerStory of SWING PHI SWING Social Fellowship, Inc.

It began in the year 1969 at the peak of the Black Power Movement. African Americans were fighting for their civil rights and claiming their culture.  On April  4th, the first anniversary of the murder of civil rights activist  Dr. Martin  Luther  King,  Jr.,  twelve dynamic women displayed their commitment to the cause. Our beloved founding sisters—proud, innovative, and determined—stepped out on faith at then Winston-Salem State College to establish Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc.® Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc.

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These bold sisters  "dared  to  be  different"  by  challenging  the  standard  normality  and  went  against  the  odds  and  established  a  unique social fellowship as an alternative to sororities and Greek life. They ignited a flame that influenced thousands of other women to follow in their footsteps.  Their pioneering spirit continues to burn in the hearts of many sisters, transcending the boundaries of geography, social class, complexion and religious affiliation. SWING grew at an exponential rate, inducting thousands of women in a few years. Due to the fact that the organization was so young, it became very difficult to manage the organization while it was rapidly growing. In light of this fact, the leadership decided to suspend all undergraduate intakes in 1982 to allow the organization time to establish itself on a national level. Finally, in the spring of 1992, the induction of four young ladies at Pennsylvania State University and one young lady from University of Pennsylvania, led to the rebirth

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